As you probably can tell…CinnamonSpring is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) blog where I share my DIY tutorials with you. I am now happy to share about DIYKL (Do-It-Yourself Kuala Lumpur) to you. The idea for DIYKL started bubbling in my head sometime in 2013 when it began to conceptualise in mid-2014 and officially materialized in early 2015. DIYKL is Malaysia’s DIY Collective.

I love being creative, I love designing jewellery and I wanted to make DIY accessible to anyone who wanted to go on their own DIY adventures. That was how DIYKL began. My DIYKL partner and I specially curate and design DIY jewellery kits with supplies sourced locally and abroad, with our DIYKL DIY tutorials online. This helps to guide budding DIY enthusiasts!

DIYKL has been gaining traction lately. We have been interviewed on Malaysia’s BFM The Business Station 89.9 “The Style File” (click to listen to the podcast) and Malaysia’s ‘MIX Breakfast Show’ (12 August 2015) radio stations. We, as the founders of DIYKL were also featured in Malaysia’s CLEO Magazine (August 2015) issue for its “CLEO Hot Shots 2015″ feature.

DIYKL x CLEO Magazine August 2015

DIYKL’s Founders featured alongside 28 other amazing women in CLEO’s ‘Hot Shots’ in its August 2015 edition. Wearing DIY leather cuffs, in collaboration with a special project which will be available for purchase on DIYKL in September 2015!

I feel so blessed, grateful and thankful for all the opportunities that have been shown to DIYKL and really want to thank YOU for believing in DIY and DIYKL. Much love! x


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