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DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in their home? When I started getting interested in designing my own flower mandalas in my free time such as the one below (and accented with DIYKL Pastel Rhinestones), I started collecting more fresh flowers. CinnamonSpring DIY Flower Mandala

Then again, I loved having fresh flowers adorn the dinner table and my bedside table at home. I had all these recycled bottles with its sticker tags removed, and decided to upcycle the bottles using gold leafing. This DIY is more on the time consuming side but it turned out so beautifully. Read more below to know how to make your own easy Gold Leaf vases!

CinnamonSpring DIY Gold Leaf Vase-1

What you need:

  • Glass bottle (I recycled from an old sauce bottle)
  • Gold leaf which I bought here
  • Mod Podge
  • Wooden skewer sticks

CinnamonSpring DIY Gold Leaf Vase-2


  1. What I did was break up the gold leaf paper using the two skewer sticks. Don’t use your fingers as the gold leaf will stick to your fingers! Note: The gold leaf is very thin and delicate.
  2. If you’re lazy like me and refuse to use too many tools while DIY-ing, I just dunked the other end of the skewer stick into the Mod Podge bottle and spread the glue onto the bottom of the bottle first.
  3. Before the glue starts to dry, use the pointy end of the skewer stick and gently pierce the broken up gold leaf pieces.
  4. Slowly stick the gold leaf onto the desired areas of the bottle. Don’t worry, the glue will dry clearly!
  5. Continue to spread glue to the other desired parts of the bottle, and continue gold leafing!
  6. Let the glue dry. If you wish to seal the gold leafing onto the bottle, you can always spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the gold leafing before letting it dry. I liked the textured look so I decided to leave my gold leafing as it was.

CinnamonSpring DIY Gold Leaf Vase-3

(Top Clockwise) DIY Gold Leaf Vase, DIY Rose Soy Candles, DIY Howlite & Rhinestone necklace & Swatch Sistem51 Automatic

On the weekend, I visited the flower wholesale market in Petaling Street (i.e. Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown), and scored these beautiful orchids and monstera leaves for only RM10! Prop some fresh flowers into your newly-DIY-ed Gold Leaf Vase, and instantly add some greenery into your home.

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