DIY Embellished Top Inspired By Pantone 2016

If you didn’t already know, PANTONE is the “world-renowned authority on color” and every year they set a PANTONE Colour of the Year. Well, for the first time ever, PANTONE Colour of the Year 2016 is a blend of TWO shades: Rose Quartz and Serenity as pictured in the banner below.


As I am trying to discipline myself this year to embark on more DIY (personal) projects, I decided to immerse myself in some inspiration, starting with colour. As DIYKL is stocking pastel rhinestones (soon to be up on the website, do email for inquiries), I was inspired to use one-half of PANTONE 2016 which is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a soft and warm rose tone, and so I decided to embellish my oversized white knit crop top (sorry that’s a mouthful!) to give it a little luxe look without compromising the relaxed element of the top.

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 1

What you need:

  • Rhinestones (Note: The rhinestones I used are not exact colours to Rose Quartz)
  • Top or dress you wish to embellish
  • Needle (small enough to fit the holes at the side of the rhinestones)
  • Needle threader
  • Thread in the colour closest to the clothing you are going to embellish
  • Scissors

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 2

Step 1: As the eye of the needle is small, threading the thread through it can be tricky and frustrating. Fret not, there’s always help in a needle threader! To use this, insert the needle threader through the eye of the needle FIRST. Once it is through, slip the thread through the other end of the needle threader like in the picture above.

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 3

Step 2: Once the thread has been threaded through, slowly pull the needle threader out. Voila! Your thread is now threaded through the eye of the needle. Pull as much thread is needed (not too long, otherwise the thread will get tangled!), before making a double knot.

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 5

Step 3: Before you start sewing, get creative by choosing a design with your rhinestones. Once you are satisfied with the design, take a photo of it.

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 4

Step 4: Begin sewing! Sew using the needle from under the material, into the first hole and exiting through the hole opposite it. Sew under the material. Repeat this step once or twice more to make the bonding stronger.

CinnamonSpring DIY Embellished Top in Pantone 2016 - 6

Voila! My Pantone 2016 inspired embellished top.

DIY Marble Minaudière Clutch

Imagine my delight when I was able to find marble contact paper (i.e. read the Marble Flatlay DIY) for cheap at only RM5.30! I had an itch to revamp my previous DIY acrylic box clutch from 2014 (a DIY post which I only posted on the blog in 2015…my procrastination is epic).

So after taking inspiration from luxury brands Balenciaga, Rebecca MinkoffMecque and the more affordable Country Road, DIY-ing my own Marble Minaudière Clutch seemed like the almost obvious next marble DIY! I mean, why would I spend RM5470 on a marble clutch when I can make it for less than RM100? Yep, that’s a total saving of more than RM5300! Excited? Read on below:

What you need:

  • 1 Acrylic clutch. DIYKL stocked clear acrylic clutches (in a DIY kit) over Christmas last year so email if you would like one!
  • Marble contact paper which you can find online on eBay, Amazon or Komonoya if you live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ruler
  • Sharp knifeblade
  • Pencil or pen (optional)
  • Rhinestones (optional)
  • E6000 glue (optional)

CinnamonSpring DIY Marble Minaudiere Clutch


  1. You will need to stick on both sides of the clear clutch.
  2. Measure the contact paper from the top side of the clutch, across the middle, and right to the bottom of the clutch. It doesn’t need to be perfectly measured (i.e. the lazy me talking), before you use a scissors to cut the desired shape.
  3. Alternative step to Step 2: Otherwise, you can take pen or pencil measurements of each side of the clutch which will consist of 4 parts, draw it onto the back of the contact paper, and then cut the precise shapes.
  4. If you are lazy like me and using Step 2, peel off the contact paper from its backing. Start sticking the contact paper from the top side of the clutch and not the bottom. Slowly use your ruler and smooth down the contact paper right until you reach the bottom of the clutch. Try to smooth out the bubbles that may occur under the contact paper.
  5. Now, you will need to stick the sides of the clutch. What I did was cut a straight line off each corner so that you can fold the contact paper inwards on all sides.
  6. Stick the sides down! You will notice excess contact paper, but don’t worry. Use your knifeblade and slowly cut the excess paper off. Peel it off.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the other side of the clutch.
  8. (Optional) Design your own pattern onto the clutch. Here I used DIYKL pastel rhinestones (soon to be on the shop!) in Pantone 2016 colours and stuck them on using glue. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

CinnamonSpring DIY Marble Minaudiere Clutch

Voila! This Marble Minaudière Clutch is beginning to be one of my favourite and easiest DIYs! I can’t wait to take this beautiful clutch out. Why not try this out?

Marble Flatlay DIY

One of my 2016 New Year Resolutions is to be able to do more DIY projects and document them here on my blog. I used to be restricted to writing posts to only when I have step-by-step tutorial photos. However, I decided that sometimes this was not feasible due to my busy schedule – or sometimes I just wanted to whip up something quickly without having to wait to take photos of each step. This means, I will try to write more comprehensive tutorial steps so that it is easier to follow!

Today’s DIY is something which I’ve always wanted to do: Marble! Marble is a natural occurrence due to the extreme heat and pressure applied to limestone. Besides looking quite classic, they’re really heavy and marble slabs are expensive. As I wanted a chic background to photograph my DIYs, I decided that why not cover pieces of wood or plastic in marble contact paper? Marble contact paper comes in different variations but they can be quite costly. Imagine my delight when I found cheap marble contact paper in a Japanese store in this new mall Da:men, USJ in Selangor, Malaysia! Due to the easy nature of this DIY, I was able to take step-by-step photos yay!

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 1

So here’s what you need:

  • Marble contact paper (I bought mine for only RM5.30 from this japanese store called Komonoya, newly opened in Da:Men, USJ!)
  • Scissors
  • Block of wood or plastic block/tray
  • Long ruler


CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 2

Step 1: Measure the marble contact paper. Make sure it covers the sides as well.

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 3

Step 2: Cut the contact paper

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 4

Step 3: Slowly peel off the contact paper.

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 5

Step 4: Slowly paste the sticky part of the contact paper onto the piece of wood. Use a long ruler to slowly smooth the paper down.

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 6

Step 5: Bend the corners inwards, and continue to stick the contact paper. You can also always make a diagonal cut at the corners so that the contact paper bends better.

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 7

Step 6: Smooth the sides down!

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 8 There you have you, your marble flatlay is now ready! It literally took only 5 minutes. You can prop it against a wall as a background, or used for flatlays.

CinnamonSpring Marble DIY - Picture 9

DIY necklace, Wunderbath moisturizer, Mmerci Encore perfume & Swatch Sistem51 Automatic

I love how everything in this flatlay above is handmade / DIY (except the Swatch watch!). Click on the links to know about some of my favorite items. Enjoy this DIY x

DIY Gold Leaf & Scented Rose Soy Candles

A Happy New Year 2016 everyone! The end of 2015 passed by too quickly for me as it was so busy. 2015 has been one great and amazing year, especially for DIYKL (Do-It-Yourself Kuala Lumpur), and I am truly thankful and grateful. 2016 is another year and I hope I will be able to do more amazing things! To you guys who have actually stuck with me on this blog, despite my M.I.As, thank YOU! To you guys who have also supported DIYKL from the start, thank YOU so much!

Alright, let’s talk about candles. Do you like candles? Probably when you were young, you were given candles as presents. Cheap ones from the thrift store that smelt really bad. No? Well, if you’re like me and had these experiences…you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate candles much. However, as I grow older my taste buds changed and so did my perception on candles. Some smell so wonderfully delicious, and so comforting. In the UK when it was cold and wintry at night, I used to light tea-light candles in my university dorm room while I snuggled under my warm duvet. The cold and dull weather in England emotionally and physically affected me at some points (i.e. SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder), but there was something quite comforting about lighted candles. The flickering light providing some warmth, and a waft of good smell in your room. It made my surroundings feel…alright again.

I’ve always wanted to try making some of my own candles, and even though I had the ingredients since last year I never got down to making them. So I decided to use up some of my dried rose tea flowers and make a Rose Petal Scented Candle! To make my candle look prettier, I decided to add some gold leaf to it as well. So here you go, 2 DIYs in one tutorial!

What you need:

  • Soy Wax. Soy wax is a vegetable wax from soybeans. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, it also burns slowly and cleanly! I bought mine from Spotlight. It comes in a rectangle block which you can then break into pieces.
  • Candle Wicks
  • Small glass jar or tins to pour the melted soy wax in. I bought mine from Daiso a while ago (it comes in a pair!)
  • 100% Essential Oils. Only a few drops are needed! I used Rose Essential Oils. If you live in Singapore, you can pick up some essential oils from Mmerci Encore.
  • Dried Rose Flowers from your teashop. These are roses that has been dried to be used in teas.
  • A double boiler or 2 pots over a fire
  • 3 wooden skewer sticks (2 will be used to keep the wick in place in the jar)
  • A sheet of thin gold leaf / foil
  • Mod Podge

CinnamonSpring Gold Leaf-Scented Rose Petal Candle

This is how my candle turned out!


1. Place the candle wick in the middle of the glass jar or tin. To keep its position in place, place 2 wooden skewers beside it to rest on top of the glass jar.

Double-Boiler Illustration by Emma Kelly

Illustration by Emma Kelly

2. Now you will need to melt the wax! Apparently you need a double boiler to do this, however I got a little creative and just placed a smaller pot into a bigger pot. The bigger pot should contain a little bit of water – this helps to reduce the heat that directly hits the wax so that it does not burn. The illustration above is another method of the double boiler in which the top bowl/pot does not even touch the bottom pot. The method I used was fine, as long as you keep an eye on the wax when it starts melting!

3. Let the water boil in the bigger pot, before breaking the soy wax and placing it into the smaller pot. It will slowly melt in a few minutes into a clear liquid.

4. Add a few drops of essential oil. I added 7-8 drops of rose essential oil. The more drops, the more intense the scent.

5. In the glass jar with the wick, I sprinkled some dried rose petals into the bottom.

6. Slowly pour the melted soy wax into the waiting glass jar. You can add more petals if you want to!

7. Let it dry for a few hours to harden, and you will slowly have a candle appearing before your eyes!

8. Now to beautify your candle jar! I used a skewer stick, dipped it into some Mod Podge (used as a glue and a sealer), and made some random sticky marks around the candle jar. Now, with the other end of the skewer, I break apart the gold leaf so that it looks scattered.

9. Slowly pick up the gold leaf with your skewer (this works!) with its pointy tip and stick it onto the mod podged areas. Don’t worry if you get mod podge over the gold leaf. The glue dries clear.

10. Let it dry! If you like a rough texture, leave it be. However, if you wish to seal the gold leaf onto the glass jar – you can add one coat of Mod Podge over the gold leaf. Let it dry completely.

Light these up and enjoy! x

DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Hello! I have not been updating here as of late but that is because aside from my day job in the humanitarian protection field, I have been quite busy with DIYKL (Do-It-Yourself Kuala Lumpur)! DIYKL has allowed me to be able to broaden my passion for DIY fashion by designing and curating special DIY fashion kits, and guess what? They ship worldwide! Yay!

Even though I have been DIY-ing a lot, I have not been able to post my DIY tutorials because sometimes I do not have the time to take tutorial photographs but today I did! DIY-ing a leather catchall has been on my DIY To-Do List for a while now and I finally had the time today to make a few. This particular one was made for my aunt who is an amazing cook and baker. I am always blessed by her open arms, warm hospitality and delicious food that I personalised this leather catchall for her to decorate her home.

Read on below to make your own DIY Personalised Leather Catchall:

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

What you need:

  • Leather (I used 2mm thick raw cow leather sourced from Thailand. Email if you would like to purchase some leather)
  • Sharp knifeblade (I use Stanley knives)
  • Screw-on studs
  • Hole-punch tool
  • Letter embossing kit
  • Rubber mallet

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #1:

Cut the leather. Mine measured 20cm x 20cm to make a box shape. You can try other shapes as well such as a rectangular or triangular shape.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #2:

Pinch the side of the leather catchall.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #3:

Take the hole-puncher tool and determine where you would like to punch a hole. The more inwards you go, the deeper the depth of the leather catchall.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #4:

Take the rubber mallet and knock the top of the hole-puncher tool a few times until it has pierced through the leather.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

The holes will look like in the picture above! Repeat Step #4 for the remaining 3 parts.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #5:

Take the screw end, and pierce it through the hole.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #6:

Take the other part of the stud, and screw it on. Do this for the remaining 3 sides.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #7:

Prepare your letters to be embossed onto the leather! I wanted to spell “BLESSED” as I am blessed by my amazing aunt.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #8:

If you have an embossing tool like mine, all you need is to click in the particular letters onto the tool.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Step #9:

Before you start embossing, you can remove the studs if you wish to emboss the leather. Otherwise if you feel more confident, you can always just emboss it directly onto your leather catchall.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Voila! The embossing is complete.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

Your DIY Personalised Leather Catchall is finished – this would make a great present.

CinnamonSpring DIY Personalised Leather Catchall

DIY Druzy Agate Leather Cuffs & DIYKL ‘SERAPHINA’ Rhinestone Leather Cuffs (click to buy the DIY kit)

You can use your DIY Personalised Leather Catchall to keep your small trinkets, keys, receipts, etc. I hope you found this DIY simple and easy to make! x

Off Shoulder

Off shoulders. The perfect match between chic and laid back, I am currently mega crushing on this style. I rarely get obsessed with a particular style but when I do, I normally try to get my hands on a few. Psst…it also helps to hide those slightly bigger upper arms that just refuse to tone up!

Off Shoulder Off Shoulder Man Repeller

Off Shoulder

Alexa Chung Off Shoulder

Off Shoulder

Off Shoulder

(via: Grazia Daily, Man Repeller, Alexa Chung, Brides Magazines UKPop Sugar)

Be it sophisticated, bohemian, romantic or cute…off shoulders definitely suits for every occasion and I am definitely a fan:


Miss OCD Off Shoulder top, Ellui sunglasses, thrifted earrings from Bangkok & DIYKL chain bracelet

What do you think about off shoulders? Yay or Nay? Check out more off shoulder styles below (click on photo):

DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

So I’ve had this DIY tutorial buried deep in the recesses of my phone from more than a year ago (woah!), and it was only when somebody recently commented on my Instagram photo if the DIY tutorial was up yet  – that I realized I had forgotten to post it up. Oops. DIY clear clutches were all the rage for the last two years but the great thing about the clear clutch is that they suit almost every outfit perfectly. I actually wanted a personalized clutch with my initials on it (‘SMT’) so the clear clutch was the best DIY option for me. I’ve had this bag for more than a year now, and it still looks amazing!

Read on more below on how to make your own DIY embellished clear clutch:

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

What you need:

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

As I wanted black lettering, and couldn’t find any in the hardware shop – I decided to spray paint my own!

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Work outdoors due to the fumes, make sure spraying is done on surfaces which you can throw away (i.e. old newspapers). Shake the spray can, spray from a distance (according to the can’s instructions), and spray from above.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Let the first coat dry before adding another coat. Let completely dry for a few minutes. Do the same for all the letters.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Dab some E6000 glue onto the back of the letters. Make sure you’ve covered all edges and sides!

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Stick the middle letter FIRST, in the middle of the clutch to avoid non-symmetrical lines. Then add on the other letters.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Dab some glue onto the rhinestone backs, and start from the corners. I stuck one Round Navy Rhinestone at each corner.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

From there, I branched out 2 Navy Marquise Rhinestones. Lastly, I added a Clear Marquise Rhinestone between the 2 Navy ones.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

I wanted to add a little pizzaz to my lettering, so I added 5 Turquoise Marquise Rhinestones as a headdress for my ‘S’.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

Voila! I now have a personalized initialed clutch!

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

I had so many raving comments on this, that some friends had asked me to make some for them too.

CINNAMONSPRING DIY Embellished Clear Clutch

DIY clutch, DIY neon studded cuff & DIY embellished Havaianas

Afraid of too much transparency? Just slip in a coin pouch inside, and you’re ready to go! Have fun DIY-ing your own clear clutch!

DIY Wedding Shoes

Noting how anything related to weddings seem to be on the pricier side these days, many are resorting to DIY their wedding. This is great because you have control over what you want, especially in making your wedding that extra special and intimate!

Earlier in the year, I was given the honors to DIY a pair of wedding shoes for a friend. Being the practical one as she is, she decided on a pair of comfortable peep-toe kitten heels that she would also be able to wear for work. She showed me some designs that she had in mind, and wanted to embellish the front and back of the shoe. So below are photos of the shoes, and some steps on how to DIY them. Read on more:


What you need:


Always try out designs onto the shoes before gluing them on. Here, I decided on a leaf motive. I started in a ‘V’ shape, and glued the rhinestones further up. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area as the E6000 glue is strong smelling. For each rhinestone that is stuck on, press on it lightly for a minute before moving on to the next rhinestone.


For the back of the heels, follow the structure of the pair of heels so that the rhinestones are fully adhered onto the surface of the heels. As usual, try out a few designs first before gluing the rhinestones onto the heels. Here, I started from bottom-up. Let the glue dry completely for at least 24 hours for best lasting results.


Voila! Transform a pair of normal heels into wedding shoes, and personalize to your own taste and preference.


Last photo by Sih Han Lim photography

I was so happy to see my friend looking absolutely gorgeous in her wedding heels. It complemented her wedding dress, and overall style. The back of the heels definitely added an edge and I am so glad that she loved it! They are a beautiful couple, and I wish them all the love and happiness in their marriage together.


I am excited to unveil Cinnamon Spring’s NEW jewellery limited collection! Rope has always been one of my favourite materials to work with, but druzy agate stones have been sparking my interest as of late. I love the raw jagged cuts of a stone, especially when it has a coat of fine crystals that bounces light beautifully.

This jewellery collection was named “MAYAMIKO”, which means “gratitude” for there are many things to be grateful about. In this MAYAMIKO collection, I have designed 5 designs. These stone rope necklaces make the perfect addition to your outfit to take you from day to night!

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

Customisation is available for the colour and length only. The length is best as a short necklace. The colour of the stones is customisable to the following 4 hues of colours: Charcoal/Midnight, Lavender/Pink, Cobalt/Sky and Yellow/Mustard. Be quick to choose your colours as some are selling out! Picture below is an illustration of some of the available stones.

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

To order, please email: and I will get back to you as soon as possible. All prices do not include shipping (worldwide shipping available).

If you wanted to know the meaning behind the names chosen for each piece, read on! DAYO means “Joy Awaits“, AMARA is “Eternal“, RUFARO means “Happiness” and ZURI is “Beautiful“. Scroll on down to see the MAYAMIKO collection:

Design #1: The ‘DAYO’ necklace

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

RM 45 / USD 13

Material: Rope (width is 1″), single druzy agate stone, gold studs, gold bars. Length: 21″ (extenders available)

Design #2: The ‘AMARA’ necklace

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery CollectionRM 40 / USD 12

Material: Rope (width is 1″), single druzy agate stone (colour customisable), gold studs. Length: 20″ (extenders available)

Design #3: The ‘ZURI’ necklace

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery CollectionRM 50 / USD 15

Material: Rope (width is 1″), double druzy agate stones (colour customisable), gold studs. Length: 20″ (extenders available)

Design #4: The ‘RUFARO’ necklace

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery CollectionRM 60 / USD 17

Material: Rope (width is 1″), triple druzy agate stone (colour customisable), gold studs. Length: 21″ (extenders available)

Design #5: The ‘AMARA’ bracelet

Cinnamon Spring: MAYAMIKO Rope Jewellery Collection

RM 30 / USD 9 (per bracelet)

Material: Rope (width is 1″), single druzy agate stone (colour customisable), gold studs. Length: Fit to size (please indicate wrist size)

I hope you love this collection as much as I do, and I just want to thank you all for the support shown to me on my DIY adventures. So much love! x

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